Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Is That a Snowbow!??

When we all woke up in central Kentucky this morning, there was a nice dusting of snow on the ground....somewhere in the 1-2 inch range. It was really cold (by Kentucky standards) at around 20 with some wind to bring on the windchill. So I held off at home a little to let the car warm up and to allow the sun to come up before heading out on these icy/snowy roads. By the time I left the sun had come up well away from the horizon but not quite at full rise. As it shone in the east, it was shining through the light snow clouds that are expected to hang around the eastern mountains as ours cleared off. Ironically, the sun was actually really bright at this point, so I was digging out the old sunglasses when I looked up and saw a full line "rainbow". Not the arch mind you, but a great vertical line stretching up parallel to the sun. As I drove further down the road I could see the matching bow piece on the other side of the sun! The only thing missing from the bow was the part that would have made the arch over the sun. The whole time I drove into Lexington this morning, the sun was showing off with this gorgeous snowbow....or as best as it could muster in Kentucky. So....let me guess....those of you in the colder climates get this sort of thing all the time? - (judging from the flickr snowbow photos that look to be in areas that receive real amounts of snow) But OF COURSE....I didn't have my camera with me!! I've lived in Ky for 14 years and in Ohio for 23 and this is the first snowbow I've ever seen! Gotta love all of nature's surprises. On a technical theological side note....does this mean God also promises not to flood us with snow?

Happy Wednesday!


Matt and Jen said...

Unusual and beautiful. Love it!

Matt and I also lived in Kentucky for almost a decade (Louisville, actually). We moved home to Indiana, but Kentucky is still our second home. We miss it often, so I'm gonna add you to our favorites.
Thanks for the snowbow! -Jen :)

historiana said...

You're so welcome and thanks for adding my blog to your favs! I know what you offense to the Ohio crowd...while growing up in Ohio, I always pined for's always been a very special place!

vonlafin said...

Great pictures! I don't think that I have ever seen a snowbow, cool!

heirloomgardener said...

Wow, I've never seen a snowbow. Thanks for your link to my blog.