Thursday, February 7, 2008

February Frostiness

I had hoped to begin this blog in January, but the schedule has just been too hectic. That along with the fact that it gets dark by 5:15 in January, means I have a hard time getting home in time for a decent picture. So this past weekend I finally got out to snap a pic or two. This first one is looking toward the back fence and through the naked rose garden.

We had some milder temps this past week which allowed the pond to thaw a little bit...and the fish even came out to hover near the was nice to see them after so long! We just came out of a very long frigid spell that applied an ice layer so thick we had to use a hatchet each day to keep a hole in the ice. Although, as I look at the temp outside, I'm sure they have headed back down below for a while.

Just as an intro, we have almost a half an acre subdivided into different areas. I will profile most of the areas as they apear in the winter to serve as a reminder of how long it takes for things to get growing here in the Bluegrass. I know it's short, but I must get back to studies. Until next time....

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