Sunday, March 2, 2008

Spring Arrives in Second Life

One of my fellow garden bloggers out there recently made a reference to the five foot tall daffodils in Second Life - sorry, I can't remember which one it was, please comment to leave a link if it was you! So, on a recent foray into this new world, I was amazed at the amount of flowers and blooming trees that are in full flourish right now in SL.

So far, I have only come across one group of overly large flowers...some tulips over five feet.

Most of the other plants I've seen are large and beautiful but of semi-normal size. UK Island has a beautiful scene right now with blooming cherry and dogwood trees.

My favorite grouping is the red tulips next to the water garden in the gazebo area.

It seems that gardens are an important design element in SL with many people focusing on the specifics of nature to help an area look more realistic. Besides these beauties, you can encounter plants of all kinds from the deserts to the tropics. In one Italian location the trees are square and triangle just like the modernist representation in Disney's Sleeping Beauty. Our current quest in SL focuses on education and libraries, but many fail to notice the importance of the garden features....but I knew the garden bloggers would like to see it. By the way, if you're ever on UK Island in second life, keep an eye out for my avatar, Sifriya Devin, she's probably over in the gazebo, listening to the fountain.

On to embrace March! Finally, a few warm days in Kentucky! 60s today and tomorrow!


kate said...

Those are cool pics! True that gardens figure in ... five-foot tall tulips are quite amazing.

I love your daffodil photo ... it cheered me up. We are still at -18c, which means long underwear on walks. It will warm up soon. The sun is higher and that makes a heap of a difference already!

Bluegrass Gardener said...

Thanks so much for responding to my posting. I'm glad you like the Kentucky Derby video on my blog. I am constantly amazed at the beauty of our state especially in the spring and fall. You have a very interesting blog and thanks for adding a link to my blog. Spring's just around the corner!

Cabs said...

Great images! Send some of your Kentucky Spring up to New England OK?
Found you blog thru Blotanical. Stop in for a visit