Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Surprise

Since my move into a new neighborhood this past summer, most of my plants are still being watched over by my Mother. Moving and getting adjusted did not afford me enough time to do any fall planting or planning for that matter. However, the landscaping around my house is actually pretty nice....just need to add some of my favorites here and there, and re-do some of the backyard spaces. Today was so gorgeous here in Central Kentucky. This evening it was 80 degrees and I decided to take a backyard stroll to assess the planting situation. I know I have some shrubs and a couple of perennials that haven't made a presence yet this year, but as I took some shots of the garden areas to keep with me as I shopped for new specimens, I spied a tiny little surprise in the top corner near the deck......a very healthy stand of Grape Hyacinths. Such a pretty overlooked little flower, with a great scent and lovely purple shades......little bells similar to the Lilly of the Valley, only perhaps a bit more dainty, with a stronger stalk. As I miss the daffodils and tulips from my previous home this year, I cut a few of these new little delights to brighten the room just in time for Easter Sunday.
Happy Easter everyone!!


Anonymous said...

I like spring mini bouquets.

CB said...

I love those little surprises. I had some daffodils come up last year that I had never seen before and I have lived here for four years. Have fun designing your new garden.

historiana said...

Thanks! Even though it all looks small enough to be manageable, I'm getting a bit intimidated....but it will be fun!